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AI Virtual Digital Human - A New Highlight in the Field of Marketing and Promotion

The term AI, or artificial intelligence, is something we might have heard quite often in the past, with AI virtual digital humans being one of the most frequently mentioned applications. Nowadays, creating an AI anchor or virtual digital human is no longer a novelty, as AI digital humans possess powerful capabilities and can even serve as our "virtual colleagues."

With the continuous development of digital technology, more and more AI digital humans are being integrated into various scenarios of people's lives, especially at exhibitions, where the frequent appearances of AI digital humans not only showcase the many application scenarios of digital humans but also reveal the rapid development of the AI digital human industry.

Driven by the need for digital transformation and cost reduction and efficiency improvement in traditional industries, the demand for AI digital humans is beginning to be further unleashed. For example, in VR home decoration, AI virtual presenters can create a digital service experience with a sense of technology. Their natural movements and communicative expressions can synchronize content explanation with scene presentation, creating a virtual spokesperson tailored for home decoration.

As virtual technology becomes more widespread, AI virtual anchors are also widely used in various media reporting scenarios. They can play a role in news reporting or serve as public service guides, online supermarket guides, and more, all thanks to the advantages of virtual digital humans.

AI virtual digital humans do not need rest, do not have strong emotional fluctuations, do not require salaries, and will not take leave. They can work around the clock, replacing real people on camera. Many businesses and brands are interested in the advantages of virtual digital humans and want to use them as brand ambassadors.

Traditional guided tours rely on pictures and text, but now, with the hand-in-hand guidance of virtual digital humans, the guided tour experience can be revitalized. AI virtual digital humans can not only provide detailed explanations to tourists in the tourism industry but can also answer their questions, offering personalized services with the presence of virtual guides.

Combined with VR panoramic technology, tourists can gain a deeper understanding of the stories and backgrounds of travel attractions through this interactive and personalized guided tour experience. They can explore tourist attractions as if they were there, feeling more inclined to actively experience the charm of the attractions.

This is the charm of AI virtual digital humans. Virtual digital humans play a versatile role in the field of marketing and promotion, creating various attractive spokespersons or characters. By offering personalized experiences, they attract user interest and attention, increasing brand recognition and exposure. AI digital humans can be considered a new highlight in the field of marketing and promotion, capable of creating more value for various industries.

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