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Classification of virtual digital humans

Virtual digital humans can be categorized in various ways, and the following are some of the common classification methods:

1. Based on technology: Virtual humans can be divided into algorithm-driven types (such as AI real-time or face modeling) and real-person-driven types (such as motion capture).

2. Based on visual dimensions: Virtual humans can be categorized into 2D and 3D types.

3. Based on structural composition: Virtual humans can be divided into digital types (viewed online by users) and holographic types (viewed live by users with the naked eye).

4. Based on core functionality: Virtual humans can be classified into service types and identity types. Service-type virtual humans' core function is to replace real humans in various public service roles, while identity-type virtual humans serve a social entertainment function, representing a real person's image in the virtual world.

5. Based on the driving method, virtual digital humans can be divided into four categories: text-driven virtual digital humans, conversation scenario-driven virtual digital humans, real-person (real-time capture) driven virtual digital humans, and non-intelligent driven virtual digital humans.

Additionally, according to commercial application needs, the roles and images of virtual digital humans are also divided into four major categories: hyper-realistic virtual humans, beauty-type virtual humans, anime-style virtual humans, and cartoon virtual humans.

Exploring the window into the future, the EchoMind AI digital human platform ushers in a new chapter of the intelligent era. Equipped with sophisticated algorithms, it creates intricately detailed 2D and 3D virtual personas. Whether you seek AI-driven real-time interactive experiences or lifelike movements through motion capture, EchoMind can be your ideal partner.

The EchoMind platform, with its state-of-the-art digital technology, caters to diverse industry needs and scenarios, offering solutions from hyper-realistic digital clones to distinctively styled beauty and anime-style virtual characters, as well as heartwarming cartoon-like images.

At the EchoMind AI digital human platform, each virtual entity is not only intelligent but also imbued with a human touch, providing accurate and empathetic services to users. From creating virtual avatars and building digital worlds to pioneering virtual social interactions, EchoMind helps you effortlessly navigate the digital wave in the ocean of virtual beings. Infuse the imaginary with life and let EchoMind AI become the bridge connecting you to the future.

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